How Dresses Are Made At Fanny Crown

1. Style design

Our designers work as a team—a single dress isn't the result of a single person, but is inspired from the collaboration of several specialists. We have designers for overall style, experts in beading and artists in embroidery. Our team visits the best fashion shows, finding inspiration from around the world.

2. Plate making

One of our talented dressmakers inside our Paris shop then combines your measurements with our design and creates the template that will soon become your dress. Like the rest of the process, even this early step is done by hand from a member of our talented team. With our custom tailoring, the dress is fitted to you, not the other way around.

3. Pattern making

The template is then transferred to a mannequin. Why? Because creating a Fanny Crown gown is detailed and one-on-one, not done by giant machines or assembly lines. Our process is personal—looking your best is on our minds the entire time.

4.Fabric cutting

Cutting of fabric is done next. We choose & use only top quality & lightweight fabric. Although you don't see the lining of a dress, using the wrong materials can make wearing a gown uncomfortable. Imitators usually pick the cheapest material for the lining, which generally feels scratchy against your skin. We use the best materials, so that you feel your very best.

5. Sewing

Our dressmakers take the design, the fabric and your measurements and begin putting it all together. Whether you've ordered a one shoulder floor length or a tea-length sweetheart, your dress is crafted with care just for you.

6. Embroidery

The story continues beyond just the best fabrics and the perfect fit—we make sure all the little details are just right too. Some designers skimp by using stuffing instead of proper boning. Along with our quality boning, we add only the embroidered details that meet our high standards.

7. Beading

At Fanny Crown, we only use the top four materials: resin, acrylic, crystal and rhinestone. You won't find cheap plastic or heavy short-lived metallics anywhere near your dress. And just like the process up to this point, all the detailing is done by hand, using a mannequin. Just the beading on a single dress can take anywhere from 3 hours to six full work days.

8. Ironing

Once the dress is fully put together, we steam or iron out any wrinkles, working to ensure the dress is at its best.

9. Stamp of approval

We inspect each dress before it leaves our shop. Our process ensures quality, and just like how the dress was created, your gown receives a one-on-one quality review. We don't send out anything less than the best.

10. Shipping

Your gown is then carefully packaged and shipped through one of our professional carriers (FedEx or DHL). We let you know that your dress is on the way and you can follow its journey from Paris to your door with the tracking number. Our tailor-made gowns arrive within 30 days from your order. In a rush? We also have standard size dresses that can be sent to you within ten days.